Ages checkup at the annual vaccination Regular checkups are in humans from birth naturally to an early detection of disorders in the body can.

If you perceive the annual vaccination appointment with us, it goes without saying that a thorough investigation is carried out of your dog.  For a number of diseases is at an advanced stage clear symptoms such as heart failure, in which the animal initially only slightly more tired than usual.

Especially older dogs often suffer from a disease of the liver. The appetite decreases, they lose weight and drink increased.  It is therefore advisable in older animals (small dog of 10 years, mean dog from 7 years and large dogs from 5 years) to do an age-Checkup. We control the age checkup liver and kidney, and blood sugar levels.  In an expanded study, we can also create a complete blood count, which shows the qualitative and quantitative composition of the blood.

So, for example, indicates an increase in the white blood cells (leukocytes) due to inflammation.

For your dog’s health, it is also very important that you regularly check the weight, and not forget the regular deworming and tick and flea prevention.

Think also of the teeth!

Pull the lips of your dog regularly high and check not only the canines, but also the molars on tartar. Not infrequently, the canines still look good, while the molars are already only kept from tartar in the jaw.  If your dog will not let you look in the ears or the oral cavity, we like to take control of the ears and teeth.

We look forward to your visit!