dermatologie1A skin problem can be very complex and require l along treatment.
A detailed medical history and a routine approach is essential.
That is why we awarded to skin patients special dates. In our practice, we treat intensively dermatological problem cases .

Since 2006, Mr. Turbahn is a member of the German Society of Veterinary Dermatology DGVD, since 2010 a member of the European Society of Veterinary Dermatology ESVD and regularly takes part in national and international dermatological seminars and congresses.   We offer the following services:

  • Mikroskop Examination of hair and skin disorders
  • examination for parasites and infections by microscopy of skin and hair
  • fungal diagnostics using shear Wood lamp and fungal cultures or PCR
  • taking biopsies – tissue samples to study the layers of the skindermatologie2
  • inflammation and tumor diagnostics by Cytology – cell study
  • Determination of hormone levels in the blood
  • conducting allergy tests
  • ASIT – allergy immunotherapy – desensitization
  • Laser radiation for faster healing of skin
  • Medical Bath with individually tailored shampoos
  • Medical grooming,