Welcome to Turbahn veterinary website!

First of all we would like to thank you for your confidence in us.

If an owner hands his or her pet over to someone else’s responsibility it is always associated with a great amount of trust.

We assure you that we will use all our knowledge to help your pet.

Therefore we attach great importance and set a high value on the services and consultation on behalf of your pets. We gladly advise you on necessary vaccinations, preventive medical check-ups, flea- or worm infestation, dietary feeding and healthy nutrition as well as other topics affecting animal health and well-being.

We would be happy to explain further our extensive veterinary examinations or treatments. We will explain the medical processes in details in the case of surgery or its follow up care .

We are always willing to answer your questions, as  your pet’s family doctor.

In our surgery practice we work according to traditional medical pratice, homoeopatic medicine and acupuncture. During a therapy we are not limited to classical medical treatment, we also apply biomolecular, physiotherapeutic and other alternative methods.

Our Turbahn veterinary practice


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